Sunday, May 2, 2010

front lipslides on a miniramp

i havnt had time to do a trick tip in a while
hope you like this one

Sunday, April 4, 2010

winter is over!!!
here is a light edit of fall till spring in michigan

Friday, March 12, 2010

random thoughts in the fog part II

so as it was established last night appleton wisconsin is foggy as fuck. how foggy is foggy as fuck you ask? fucking foggy enough to have a second flight cancelled on a short 3 day, 3 long fucking days, bidness trip. now appleton is not only foggy as fuck, it is also small as fuck. so when one finds oneself stranded at the appleton wisconsin airport, united airlines in their infinite wisdom, with their grand foresight, puts you weary ass on a bus and you ride 3 fucking hours to chicago. so we may now enter the fine metropolos of milwakee to my 9 of the past 12 day itinerary. all schlameil, schlamazel, hosenpepper incorporated of it. oh and the fine roadside stop of "osh"vegas .... really? you cheese eating, permafrost mutherfucker?? oh well whatever. so now that i am here in Chi Town, i get to wait another 6 hours to board a plane back to Arizona. fuckin AWEsome! i love the mid west in a decidedly "i hate the fucking midwest" sort of way. oh and incase you are wondering

i hate fog now too.

for those of you from the midwest, my deepest apologize for my rantings, however, you really should come to your senses and move west.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

random thoughts in the fog

it's a stream of conciousness sort of night. 8 of the past 12 days on the road. not on a skate trip, not on vacation, but working my everloving fingers to the bone. vegas, chicago, appleton wisconsin. and it's foggy. foggy as fuck, if fuck could be deifined as foggy. however that is one of the many virtues of the word fuck now isn't it? i mean really, has there ever been a better, more versitile word ever uttered by the mouth of man?? fuck, fuckin A, motherfucker. foggy as fuck, rad as fuck, fuck that is fucked up, fucking muthafucker, sitting in the motherfuckin truck. fuck. beautiful. so as it has been established, it is foggy as fuck, in appleton wisconsin. which is a foggy place. foggy as fuck. as it has been established. did i mention this is a stream of fuckin conciousness sort of fucking post. i wonder if i am offensive with the amount of F bombs i am laying down on this page. my thoughts would probably be more (or less) cohesive had i not been on the road for 8 out of the past 12 days, which in case you are wondering means that there has been no fucking to speak of. because i dig my wife and don't need to knock up some other slutty bitch in the midwest who will be fucking some other slob tomorrow night. fuck. i am just fucking tired and i think that it fucking sux that i haven't rolled with the homies in two fucking weeks. between being broken, fucking working, and being broken papi is getting to be a grumpy muthafucka. i needs to get my fucking skate on this weekend. so lets roll! if i had a board with me i couldn't skate now anyhow, because as we established earlier - it's foggy, foggy as fuck.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

written ACE trucks review with pictures

Ace trucks......
Well I’ve skated them enough to have an opinion.

I’m not going to give them some kind of numeric rating or anything. I have never seen one I felt like I trusted, being so subjective to even what the numbers mean, or let alone describe performance for anyone but the person making up the numbers.
Just going to describe how they felt, and how they held up for me.

I of course had predisposed ideas about them before I ever had seen a set, even though I try hard not to let most of what I read on the net, or hear at the park about this product influence my opinion, especially if I’ve had zero personal interaction with said product. But of course shit seeps in.

One of the things I heard the most from the people who love them is the way they turn.

Fast, tight turning when compared to Indy's. And though I’ve not been the most die hard fan of Indy in the past, they really are the gold standard in skateboarding. Everyone already knows why, so I won’t bother explaining it.

They do turn sharper and faster. There is just no way around it. If you come straight off a set of stage 10's, these are going to feel super turny, almost squirrelly. My first couple of high-speed runs on them were a bit scary, but getting used to them was no problem at all. The fear turns to fun really fast.

One of the things I heard the most from the people who didn’t like them was that they bent really easy.
To be honest and fair to Ace, I made it my priority to test this. I went so far as to double the washers on the inside of the wheels to push the wheel out a little and apply more force to the outside of the axel,
then beat the shit out of them,

repeated front 180's off a 4 foot drop, and tons of fly outs to flat off a 6foot 1/4 etc...

no bending whatsoever, none.

The other thing I’ve heard from the people, in the NOT a fan list, is that they grind down super fast.
I’ve heard a few times now that they were made of a lighter grade of aluminum.
Admittedly, I didn’t get to do any outdoor skating on there, and almost no crete coping.

But I did put a few miles of dry un-waxed coping under them and was just starting to get lock in groves going. They didn’t seem to be warring any faster to me. I only had a month on a brand new set of Indys when I got the Aces and rode the Aces for a month of hard skating, so I can show pics for comparison on wear.

I did kill them though:
tail slides, blunt slides and a few 90 deg. landings shifted the axle on the back truck to the point I had to loosen up the toe side back wheel a half turn three times in a 3 hour session.
I was running wheel spacers but as I said above, I had doubled up on the inside washers. Don’t know if that would have an effect, but I don’t know that it wouldn’t either.

Overall, they were really fun to ride. Like I said they are a little squirrelly at first but once you’re used to them, the turning feels great, and I don’t think there allot weaker compared to indy, or any other truck out there.

wear marks after one month







ACE against the straight edge (hard to hold and shoot)





for info on ACE trucks


Monday, March 1, 2010

one month of ACE

here is the video of riding them, with some of my thoughts mixed in

Saturday, February 27, 2010

RIP Bob Biniak

this memorial picture was done by his bro Glen Friedman and he wrote his obituary in his blog Sad day in skateboarding. TOO many people getting broken and dead. Fuckin sad day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010